August 9, 2008

Study With Midah

I am not feeling too well, again.

Woke up just to realized that got a lot of messages and missed calls
from some friends.

Ran out of credits. *sigh*

On my Sean ~ Midah buzz me to check whether I can go to library with her.

Told her that I can - how I wish to ask her to teach me.

She told me that she will prepare some breakfast for me.

So, we met at Meranti at 10 a.m.
Carried some books that I need to return.

Arrived in library about 10 minutes later. We choosed some good port for us. At least, no people staring or laughing and even dating in that particular area.

*The bread that Midah prepared*

*Its looked pretty nice huh?* + I am hungry+

*The view from the big window*

*Its pretty nice right*
+Sunny day - in the morning+

*Start the study time!*
+Full of spirit+

*Midah who is the tensai*

*The stuff on the big table*

*The Linear Algebra paper*

*Too early or too peaceful the area that we choosed*

*Those stuffs again*
+Looked at the tupperware+

*Its getting cold*

After sometimes, I believed that I am getting too cold, getting bored, getting everything...

*I missed someone*
+He knew it+

*Why I still can't get the answer?*

*Hope the test will not kill me*

6 사랑해 Kisses From You:

Tara Graphic said...


ZARA said...


*smile back*

Tara Graphic said...

he..he..he..nothing...Im just Happy..

ZARA said...

I am happy too~


nimzoindy said...

Wah, cptnya update, byk gambo baru ni, kt library mana ni? Eh, baru prasan kt cni nofollow, kenapa xwat dofollow?

ZARA said...

Library dalam university...


What's that?

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