August 9, 2008

Mission+Lunch+Rainy Day

After spent 5 hours in that cold and cool library,
had some nice chatted with Ramesh, I went back to Midah's room.

She left her file in Jusco last Thursday.
So, we decided to go there.

We asked the security there and he asked us to go to the service counter.
We asked the cute Miss.

The result...

The file is there!

The cute Bro there said, the file was there since Thursday.

Both of us relieved...
So, as we planned, its time for lunch!

Looked at my sweet, smart ODM - it's almost 4 p.m.!
No lunch at all!

So, we went to McDonalds - ordered the meals.
We craved for it.

*Our meals*
+ Both of us took large sets +

*Zara with her Doublecheese burger*

+It remind me to someone who just ate McD last two days+

*Midah with her Chicken Grilled Foldover*
+Bigger than me+

*Close-up looked of my meals*
+The tomato were came from Midah's Foldover+

After we had the meals, we just lazed around to find some stuffs for us.
Went to some shoes shop, and I am tried to find some gifts for Uppa, but, failed to get what I wanted.

The weather outside Jusco was raining.
Love the weather but it's too cold.

*Hold my bag and borrowed Midah's umbrella for awhile*
+ Looking for my sweater +

*This is the owner of the umbrella, Midah My Unni*
+ New bag, New T-Shirt, New Veil +

My motto : Umbrella is made for sharing!
(I read it somewhere actually)

At last, the bus came and we went back to our residence college.

6 사랑해 Kisses From You:

Anonymous said...

thanx shafaza...
at last i found my folder...
todays is very challenging day..
and COLD...

ZARA said...

Well, my lovely Unni is here!
Thanks God you found it!
Very challenging and too cold~

spymama said...

wow Zara, you love McDonalds... i just bought an extra value meal yesterday and 2 Happy Meals. I got a free Olympic glass for the meal and two Olympic happy meal toy with the kid's meal. Do they have the Olympic gift where you are having the McD meals?

ZARA said...


They gave it too, but I don't take that set.

Plus, the Onion ring is only SEVEN!
Too little for me.

So, that's why I don't take that it.

Tara Graphic said...

Mcdonald...lovely isn't it...

must be hungry..*smile*

ZARA said...



Miss someone too~

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