August 11, 2008

Half Time

The beautiful Monday come!

Woke up at 5 in the morning and kept rolling on the bed,
not feeling too well, I got headache.
Had some nice morning chat with my Lil Baby.
*He know himself*

*My Baby Sean* + The OS is Windows actually +

Took my shower, prepared my breakfast and ironed one clothes.
Wonder what should I wore -
open the wardrobe and just take this one.

*The third garment who I sew it myself*

After I took my breakfast, saw Cik Rye outside her room.
Asked her to took some photos of me.

*First pose*

*What I am doing actually?*

*I should stop do this*

*From my faculty*

*I just loved to take it*

*The corridor*

*Nora and me*

*Zaitun and Zara*
+ Both of us too dramatic, I guess+

*My Cinderella shoes*

Bridge, do I need to be more animated?

*Miah and me*
+Miah with her new clothes+

8 사랑해 Kisses From You:

Tara Graphic said...

lovely sunshine..

ZARA said...

Is that so?


Tara Graphic said...


Nice morning...

talk to friends....have a great view....

very nice....

ZARA said...

Thanks Tara dearie...

Ooopppss..Have u see Sean?

Tara Graphic said...

yeah...nice penguin..

ZARA said...


Its from Linux...


Rashid said...

hmmmm hmmm senyum saya melihat pelbagai gaya ..

ZARA said...


Memalukan pula rasanya...

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