August 8, 2008

Peeking Hassan and Irsyad

Last week, I went back to my hometown.

Met two boys - my cousin and my nephew.

My cousin, Syed Hassan Al-Nasrullah is only 47 days when I met his last week.
Such a cute baby.
I want to hold him.
So, I asked my auntie to let me cuddle him.

*Sleeping Baby Hassan*

*He woke up and looked at me!*
I almost in tears!

*Suddenly he cried!*
+ I'm panicked and called my auntie!+
+ He wanted milk+

So, I went to the kitchen and I saw my nephew, Irsyad.
That boy with big bum bum - due to his pampers played with a small bicycle.
He saw me and laughed.

He hold my hand and played with the bike.
I wonder whether he want me to play with him.

* Auntie Imah (Zara), you supposed of the flash.
I missed my rounded eyes*

*Auntie, you want to ride it with me?

* He can only reverse the bicycle*

* I need to take something Auntie*

*Yeah, this cute Tweety is the horn of the bicycle*

*Big bum bum running out of fuel*

11 사랑해 Kisses From You:

Chobits said...

Dear Zara,
Baby Hassan and nephew Irsyad are cute, i am sure they want to play with aunty Zara, haha~

p/s:sorry i didnt notice your age, coz i saw many kisses and huggies so i misunderstand, haha~ XD

ZARA said...

Chobits dearie,
Its ok darling~

Yeah, Irsyad and Hassan...
I miss them...

Tara Graphic said...


ZARA said...

Auntie to Irsyad.

Sis to Hassan

© Sara Liyana Salleh said...
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© Sara Liyana Salleh said...

the picture of ur nephew & cousin reminds me to my 2 nephews...
they're totally cute, especially Hassan...
I haven't my nephews since I entered UIA 2 months ago...

ZARA said...

Owh, pity u dear.
But, mid term is coming soon right?
You will see them!

amirwashere said...

adik..makcik adk nih baik x?
adik selalu ke kena buli dengan dia?
adik nak bantuan supermir?
adik sebut S.A.T.U. Supermir akan datang ye dik.

ZARA said...

Auntie dia ni baik sangat Amir...

baik yang sangat la...

Super Amir?


cartoon baru ek?

amirwashere said...

adik jangan percaya kata2 makcik adik nih..
supermir nih anime baru..
tpi lom lgi msuk tv la dik..rilek lu layan naruto k..

ZARA said...


Irsyad is my nephew, Hassan is my cousin~

Both of U love Auntie Imah and Kak Imah right?


This Supermir (sounds like Superman but from Kuantan) ~ a fake superhero darling...

He wear peter Czech hat~ and sometimes turned to be Zorro~

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