August 8, 2008

08-08-08 : From My Window

Today is 08-08-08.

What does it mean?

Its 8th August 2008. Lolz...

Just came back from Linear Algebra class.
2 hours with those theorems, symbols, postulates etc. ~
Mom, I want to faint.

But, I do enjoyed the class.
So, after the class finished I went to the library.
Returned the books that I borrowed.

Went to cafe - alone.
On the way, met my Kazakhstan friend.
He want to take his breakfast before go to the library.
Just had a short chat with him.
He wished me good luck for my test and quiz next week.
I took my meals back to my room.
Buy 20 cent of ice.

Changed clothes.
Looked outside the window.

*I love to watch this area*

*The place where those girls place their clothes*

+ Not for me because I hate to put it there. +
+It's rainy season+

* I love this tree so much*

*My pedestrian walk is up there*

*The sky when I post this entry*

6 사랑해 Kisses From You:

eunice said...

Hi Zara! Let me be the first to send you greetings on 08.08.08!!

Happy 08.08.08! May happiness be with you always! :D

p.s: I am going to post something on 080808 at 08:08pm! hehe

ZARA said...


I am supposed to do that too because this morning I got class at 8. So, will try tonight too~

Love u Eunice!
Happy 08.08.08 too!

Tara Graphic said...

nice view..

ZARA said...

Thanks a lot Tara dearie!

© Sara Liyana Salleh said...

what's so special anyway with 08.08.08???
maybe because it's repeating the same number...

linear algebra class, hmm...
I'll take this class next semester...

nice view actually, compared to my view from my hostel...
the view from ur room makes me want to do the same entry sooner or later...

ZARA said...

Nothing actually~
I just love the number.
Actually I love 07-07-07

Thanks a lot!
I'm waiting for it!

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