August 17, 2008

For Leisure Moments

After that lunch,
I accompanied Midah to the library.
She want to return some books.

So, both of us were bored.
My internet connection was broke down.
We decided to go to Jusco.
Midah wanted to buy something.

Basically, we waiting for the bus.
"Abang Senyum" was the driver.

We arrived there and headed to the section.
Forgot the name of the jacket.
[Seems my short-term memory not function today]

Here some photos when we tried for the jackets.

::Midah with the jackets::

::We just love to be fashionable::

:: The Japanese actor, Takuya Kimura pose in Pride::
[Who remember that scene?]

::Let me be myself back::
::Went back to the reality::

Midah bought that jacket while I just played for fun.

The salesgirl asked me to try.
I can't hesitate her offer.

Looked something for my Uppa.
Just some wrapper for my gift.
After went into some shops,
I found what I want.

The leisure time will not be perfect without food!
I would like to say thanks to Midah for her treat.

While eating the wedges, my mind turned around.
I missed my baby so much.
I kept mumbling about the internet connection.

:: The Zinger Maxx and Cheesy Wedges::

::The orange juice::
[All carbonated drinks were ran off]

We decided to wait for the bus.
It's free right?
The rules is the free stuff is late!

::My baby Cinderella shoe::
[I do love it so much]

::The temperature increased::
[Bus, faster! I need to check my baby!]
*pray that the internet connection had been fixed*

4 사랑해 Kisses From You:

LimZhi said...

where u nw? why buying jacket? weather in perlis is so damn hot right now!!!

ZARA said...

I am in UTM Johore.
Jacket is for lecture purpose only~
At least for my friend...he3~

Tara Graphic said...

Why the bus sooooo late?..

If like this get free ridelah!

ZARA said...

I want to kick the bus!

The bus is free dear...

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