August 8, 2008

Visit My Coursemate!

Since last Monday, one of my coursemate, Abang Faizal
had been sent to the hospital.

They suspect he got "denggi" - I can't find the English word, but I can tell you that it caused by Aedes mosquito.

So, we went to Jusco first, bought some stuffs for him and then we straight to the hospital by bus.

*This is the bus tickets for Midah, Miah and Me.
Thanks to Midah who hold the tickets when I snapped the picture*

As you all can see, its raining outside. Heavy rain.

After 30 minutes, we arrived at the hospital. Some of our friends already arrived there. Had some chat with Abang Faizal.

He looked a bit skinny - I guess due to he's not feeling well.

* Abang Faizal ate the kiwi*
Ann tried to be in the photo.

So, after about one hour, we said goodbye to him.
Hope he will feeling better.

* The hospital*

* Behind me is Singapore!*

* I am bored while waiting for the bus*

* In front of the hospital*
Nice view!

* I love coconut tree*

4 사랑해 Kisses From You:

Tara Graphic said...

poor Abang faizal...
hope his doing ok..

ZARA said...

Yeah hope so too~

Brigida Ayson Schmidt said...

Zara dear... it's "Dengue"... I believe that's the right spelling, hehehe!

By the way, you look sooo cute beside that coconut tree, next time you raise your left foot so you'll look much animated like me (^.^) Love yah Dear!

ZARA said...

I guess so, but I am too lazy to edit it I guess...

Thanks a lot Bridge, but my friends always that I am too animated when talked, so, maybe I can't be too animated when I took some pictures.

Or, maybe will be extremely animated if mom doesn't see my photos.

Love you too Bridge!

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