July 29, 2008

Sick, Busy and Bored...

I am sick but I am busy.

I am sick but I am bored.

Thanks a lot to Spymama and Tara because they concerned about me.
Love both of you so much.

So, when I am bored, I became a bit unstable.

I have no idea if that's caused by my overdose pain killers (Spymama can recognized it as Ponstan) -but,
I am still unstable.


* I read this book while I ate some chocolates that
Yuyue gave to me this morning*

* After that, I turned to Chemistry book*
It's pretty nice and I still try to finish the

* Kimi was lying on my bed*
He saw my chocolates.

*Kimi tried to take my chocolate*
Naughty Kimi dearie.

6 사랑해 Kisses From You:

Princess Liyana said...

Nakkkk smarties!huhu

A t i Q a h said...

nak pinjam Kimi. Sangat comel lah dia. He he.

Feel better today?

ZARA said...

Princess Liyana want Smarties?
nanti minta dari coursemate i...he3~

ZARA said...

Atiqah sayang,

Kimi tak boleh dipinjamkan~

Feeling better dear..thanks~

spymama said...

Zara, thanks sooo much dear, for this tag. You binge on sugar ka.. later sugar high or not.. but then if it's comfort food for you, go ahead. I do love chocolate too at certain times of the month too, like you. I love Toblerone, the bitter dark chocolate with nougat one... Dark chocolate has cathechins and help to fight heart disease and cancer. It has antioxidants. So no worries. Hope you feel better today. muaks!

ZARA said...

I love Tobleron too~ Cadbury and Van Houten still in my lists. The chocolates was given by my ex-roomate. He3~ So, to avoid me from taking too much pills, I ate Smarties.. he3~
Thanks Mama dearie!

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