July 30, 2008

Same Name but Still Different

Just crossed some my friend's pages.
Really happy to see that some of them are happy now~
No matter in what term...
*Big grin*

Accidentally, in Pijan's Page (my Matrix Friend), I saw this photo.

*From left: Shafik, Sharif (Zara), Faiz, Haqim, Azriq and Pijan.*

I forgot when this photo's was taken.
I mean, I know the occasion - at our Mentor's wedding, but I had no
idea that the photo is there!

My Lovely sister, Mas took this photo.
For sure.

By looking at the photo's caption,
our names are all boys name!
They called me Sharif (for sure it's a boy's name),
but then,
I am still a girl no matter what bro!

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