July 29, 2008

I Am in Pain!

I am not feeling too well right now.

Already ate two pain killers in less than one hour.

Just feel so sick right now.

I am in pain but why people still try to hurt me?

I can't wake up from my bed.

I only can hold my pills bag.

Why you still want to make me angry?

What I already did to you?

If you really want to seek for your unknown revenge,
not today.

*The Period Pain Killer that I ate*
*Blue in Color*

I am still feel so sick...
Should I have more?

Its already overdose now...

4 사랑해 Kisses From You:

spymama said...

oh Zara, you poor girl. is that Ponstan i see?

i think you need to curl up in bed with some hot water bottle too. don't worry, when you become a woman someday, with kids in tow, you'll lose these period pains fast fast liao.

have a good rest and only reply me tomorrow. off your laptop or pc okie?

ZARA said...

Its Ponstan type~
I lost my hot water bottle and forgot to buy it in Watson or Guardian last week...

I drink a mug of milk now~
I hope I can off my Sean (my laptop's name) now but I am doing my thesis now...

Thanks Mama~

Princess Liyana said...

dear!ok tak?go get some rest ok:)rest2 smpai puas btol2..tenangkan hati;)

ZARA said...

Liyana dearie...

I am feeling better now~
Already overdose with the painkillers~

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