July 13, 2008

What I Have Done?

Basically today I am really tired and exhausted - but then, I am totally happy with it.

Already have my new shoes - black in color and of course, ladies shoe. Went out with Shima and Yanie after we looked after the booth.

So, after went back - start to study and did some research for my thesis.

Listen to "Kehidupan" from Nazrey and In-Team, at least I am in peace and serenity after listening to that song.

Had my dinner a bit early today - with Mar and Nana. After ate and have nice chat with them and some other friends like Tini etc - we were heading back to the block.

Just arrived at the block, I realized something.

Oh My God!

Mar and I forgot to pay for the foods that we ate!

So, we went back to the cafe. Luckily, the owner didn't realized about it.


Really embarassing! What I have done?

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