July 12, 2008

Shopping Time!

After being tired and became a "flat tire" - at last, I went out to buy some stuffs for myself...*sigh*

Went out with Miah - at first should be with Una, but then, the taxi driver don’t want more than 5 person in his taxi, so that Miah and I went by other taxi with two Indian girls. Thanks God - our destination is the same.

So, first destination with the aim - buy the stuffs at the cheapest price - we went to RM 2 shop. Bought some hangers, Tupperware, hang ring, highlighter, washing bag, plastic book wrapper and the rubber hair. Its only called RM 2 shop but after buy those things, of course it will be more than RM 2... *sigh*

After that, went straight to Jusco - took the trolley and make the journey begin. Of course I had listed all the things that I want to buy - hey, I am good in buy things okay? I always plan everything that I want to buy - simply because I can budget the money and consume my time... *laugh*

Yeah, by the way, the trolley almost full with me and Miah's stuffs. What I bought huh? I almost shocked with my own self. Sounds baka, I know.

01. Hup Seng Sugar Cracker
02. Nescafe 3 in 1
03. Garfield Facial Tissue
04. Green Apple
05. Colgate Teeth Brush
06. Rexona Deodorant
07. Scott PP Pocket Tissue
08. Mentos Roll Ice Mint
09. Intimate Daylite Medium Pads
10. Hup Seng Deluxe Hi Biscuit
11. Nestle Cornflakes
12. Seasons Soya Bean
13. Desa Mineral Water
14. Sunquick Blackcurrant
15. Softlan Softener
16. Poly Fiber Pillow

A lot...I know that... *sigh*

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