July 18, 2008

Its An Awesome Training!

You Are a Fairly Green Driver

You driving isn't the greenest, but it's greener than most people.

Whether you have a fuel efficient car or try not to speed, you try not to use a lot of gas.

You do your best to drive less. However, it's not always possible.

You may end up driving more than you'd like, but at least you're doing what you can!

Are You a Green Driver?

Some of you will asked what the test is all about.

At last, I already drove in UTM!

Shima (you are so kind sis) - lend me her car, just to make sure I am prepared for tomorrow big event.

Yeah, C-Heart Programme will be held tomorrow! No kidding! After spent few times meetings, the programme will be held tomorrow.

Just hope it will go according to the plan - InsyaALLAH.

Shima was a good instructor (in this case) - basically Mr Kassim was also good too.

I am really tired - meeting until Maghrib - have good dinner with Nana. Che Lah and Emma joined us after that.

Met Kak Fidah and Kak Syaz - they came to UTM just for fun.
*Sis, there were a lot of places in Malaysia - just tell me that you really love UTM okay?*

Going back to my room.

Took my cold shower (how nice if they provide hot shower - kidding!) and had some fun dealing with my friends.

My lovely okaasan called me just now - how much I love her! Mak, I miss you so much!

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