July 21, 2008

Impromtu and Coldness

At last - the replacement class already done! But, the lecturer told us that we gonna have the same class next week - at the same time due to she will going to a seminar (I heard something like that) on that particular week!


I love her class - English class always make me enjoyed being in there. Seriously peeps.

So, for my impromtu speech - thanks to Midah who recorded it (new camera of her) - will update it later people.

The lecturer - Miss Fatimah (same like my middle name) assigned me to talked about my favourite things or person. Guess what I choosed?



I choosed thing. So, basically I talked about my shoes - that's one of my obsession - everyone know that I guess.

Spent more than 90 minutes in the class (football match duration huh?!) - at last, she released us out. I am damn hungry. The last meal was at 11 a.m. this morning.

Ran to Meranti with those SPC girls - a lot of people and that means we need to wait!

Spent that precious time with chatted with those people that I found. Found Bibah, Elmi, those juniors who climbed to Balai Cerap together and saw my roomate, Sab ate with her friends.

Nana passed through our table - asked her to join us but then she already "tapau" her food. Luckily, she had a bag of rambutan with her! So, we hijacked her - sorry and thanks Nana - you are so sweet and same goes to the rambutan.

Heading back to my room.

I'm full - Yeah!

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