June 30, 2008

Play Truant

Play truant - stays away from school without leave or explanation. Some people will think it as something that's nothing to do with them, but believe me, when we want to generate truly human capital - can we just ignore this matter?

The groups who always do it usually students - who we consider as new generations who will build our nation...

When I am looking back my studies life - I only play truant once and I am really regret it. Yeah, I swear, I am really regretted what I have done.

It's happened when I am in matriculation - got no ideas how this thing can happened at that time - all of my classmates does not want to go to the English class. Not only boys but girls as well. Some of us refused with that idea, but then, when someone pointed out - if the lecturer asked where the rest gone, what we supposed to answer?

Decision was made, so everyone doesn’t go to that class on that today. The next meeting, the lecturer asked why all of us didn’t showed up in her class, the boys answered it, and it seems she satisfied with the answer, so, she didn’t punish us. Thanks God!

Now I will start my final year in university, and I never play truant. People can call me geek, nerd etc., but, I never failed to come to the class - simply because I love all of the class that I attended - whether the subjects hard or the lectures seems cannot attracted me...

Some of my friends did it sometimes, they had their own reasons for that - sometimes because to finish assignments, need to study for quizzes or tests - but then, when I think how the lecturers feel when they come to the class and see only small groups attend his or her class?

Of course, they will be angry, whether they didn’t show it to the class - and once, I saw one of my favorite’s lecturers seems so disappointed because of this matter. I felt guilty whether it's not I did it...

I believe in Karma, I mean only for the reason that, whatever you did, you will get the things back - in easy way - the sum of a person's action in this and previous states of existence, viewed as affecting their future fate...

I just don't want that things happen to me, because I will be a teacher... I would think, if my students play truant, can I just accept it?

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