June 21, 2008

My Hometown - Muar

When I crossed the town this evening, I realized that I really love my hometown so much. The feeling cannot be describe to others. I guess, Muar always give me some kind of sense of belonging compare to any other places I'd been before. What are the best things in Muar, which I can't find in other places? My friends always asked me something like that ... *smile*

Well, can you find any other place that serve SATAY in the morning?. I mean as the breakfast, of course. There is no one like this right?... I already asked some of friends who came from different parts of Malaysia, and everyone will show their weird faces when I said like that... *laugh*

Yeah! People will said, "Come on, satay in the morning. You want to be as big as a giant?". But then, if you know the secret, I mean, we have a proper ethics to eat satay. Satay is served with the gravy - "sambal kacang" , cucumber and the onions. Onion is really important since some people classified it as carcinogenic sources. The smoke, it doesnt matter whether we served it in the morning or night, it still have that, so forget the facts from admit that SATAY is one of the unique image of Muar.

Besides that, Muar also famous with it "Mee Bandung". Even, whether I'm traveled around, I can see people put the signboard, "Muar Mee Bandung". Some of the spices, you can buy it for instant. I mean, the already sell it. What you need to do, just buy the wet ingredients and start to make it. I need to admit that, Mak's Mee Bandung is one of the best that I've ever taste! She just cooked that this evening...*laugh*

When we talked about Muar, dont forget about the mushroom and coffee that really famous with the people. When one of my relatives came from Singapore, he always want that coffee. Its called 434 Coffee. It served one of the best coffee that I've ever taste... The aroma, the taste, the preparation - Owh! Am I only one step ahead to be a barista?! Gee!

For some of friends that I promised to bring you to my hometown - besides the food etc. - I will make sure that we have a lot of fun! That's my promise!

2 사랑해 Kisses From You:

diya said...

i'm hungry already when i read this post ;P wanna eat mee bandung that ur mom cook..after that u can cook for me too..hehe

zara_enigma said...

Of course my dear sweetie

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