June 28, 2008

Birth Date and Colors

I just crossed some websites - to read some articles - because I am quite bored until I found the advertisement which will tell us our color based on our birth dates. I am not trust that kind of things - but - I am bored, why don't I try it?

So, after fill the things with my date of birth - the result came out - it said that - my color is BROWN. It has some explanation under it - so I read it. It sounds like this, "Competitive and supportive. It's hard for other people to close with you, but you fall in love easily. But, once you find you can't get something, you give up and let go easily as well"

I will say that only "competitive and supportive" can describe me well. The rest were nonsense! Its not hard for other people to close to me, I don't mind if other people think opposite of it, but then, fall in love easily? Who? Me? Totally nonsense!

So that, I kept on searching. I tried another one website, and the result came out. This time - BLACK...One of my favorite color...

"You are challenging, and have the "guts". But, you don't like changes in your life. And once you make a decision, you keep it that way for a long time. Your love life is also challenging and different".

What happened to me today? I kept digging the truth me - is that the way people like to do?

After checked my emails, I managed to view my Facebook profile. One of the applications is "What Does Your Birth Date Mean?” I tried it out and I got this...

"Creativity and innovativeness are your most cherished attributes...using which you can change the world around you. Doing the regular stuff is not easy for you because most unnatural things come naturally to u. Nothing can bind you- for you have dreams and the vision to make them a reality."

And, when I tried "What is Your Color?" - I managed to get YELLOW. It says, "You match well with friendship. You have many friends and you will have them forever. You are very friendly and is always there to cheer your friends up."


I have no idea what happened to me now... Can someone please tell me?

*cuddle my SpongeBob*

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