June 30, 2008

Champion of EURO 2008

After almost a month, watched so many matches - along with the tears after my favorite teams be defeated, at last, early this morning, Spain become the champion after beat Germany 1-0.

Fernando Torres scored for the victory of Spain. Azriq, you are lucky because Spain won it - or not, you will lose in hat-tricks! Azriq is one of my practical-mates when I am in matriculation. He loves Italy so much. After Italy being defeated, he chooses Russia. Unfortunately, Russia was being defeated too - and at last, Spain wins this!

When I look back the matches in EURO 2008, I am a bit sad because England was disqualified to be in the game. So, my favorite team seems to be Portugal. My sweet Cristiano Ronaldo was there! Unfortunately, Portugal also lost too... *sigh*

I love football so much - it's totally my passion!

Congratulation Spain!

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