August 12, 2010

Ramadhan #02 - Sometimes Life Hurt Just To Make Us Smile

Salam and hi fellas.
It's my 2nd day of Ramadhan story.

I received a phone call just now.  Something that brighten my life. At last, the things that I'm waiting for is arrived. I faced lots of problem due to the existence of the thing in my life. Such a pricey stuff, but some people think it's so easy to get it just because I'm a government officer. But, it's okay. Let's take it as a challenge and Alhamdulillah, thanks Allah, I'll get the thing by tomorrow or next Monday.

Let's say this is my current mood.
Happy, blissful but then, there's some sour part too. I don't mind, that's what we called as life anyway.

Second day of Ramadhan, it's a sunny day. 
Luckily is not that hot yet (or it's because I'm under the fan in the staff room?). Gosh, it's not funny anyway. I'm happy when the thing is coming up, the mini project getting lots of people to join it (more than one already considered as many right?).

Zara : Pretty sleepy, the weather make me a bit tired but then, I hope it won't reduce my happiness. I do sounds childish a bit, but then, happiness will make me smiling, and I do love to smile.

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13may said...

baju raya dah siap ker? hehhe hehhe

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