August 20, 2009

Fly and Fly Away Zara!

Just came back from UTM today.
Returned the robe and collected the transcript.
I went there this morning by 7.30 bus and traveled alone - enjoyed the views from the window.
The bright weather really make me have cheerful mood.

Met up some bloggers during lunch hour.
Met my handsome supervisor in his office at the faculty.
My lovely Communication lecturer gave me a call - which make me really happy to hear from her. I miss her class and the way she taught us before.

Oh ya, I already took my photos that Lorince snapped that day.
This is one of hundreds of the photos.
Will post more!
Dig in!

Zara : The fasting month is just around the corner. Happy fasting to all of you!

3 사랑해 Kisses From You:

en_me said...

sonoknyerrr za ittewww..

HEMY said...

pwergh..aku nye gmbar konvo sket je..dok ralit jaga mak ayah aku..ahaha

benludin said...

i believe i can fly...tahniah..:)

selamat berpuasa..

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