August 3, 2009

Cursing Is Not My Last Resort

Cursing people is like a taboo.
Yeah, it considered as taboo in every society.
You cursing people today - it's not impossible someone will cursing you more than you actually do to them or anyone else.

I got some bad news again yesterday.
One of my family members (not my parent or siblings) become so busybody of my life.
I don't mind if you want to do that people, but when you have the tendency to spread speculations and rumors, you better back-off.

I was considering to close my other blog which I wrote in my first language.
Hell yeah, it's impossible to make everyone satisfy with us.
People have this kind of possibility to make some story looked damn great when they tell the others - but how about it ruined someone life after you mentioned it?

You never have this kind of feeling?
I mean - guilty?
I was thinking to curse someone and the rest of her family yesterday but thanks God, I'm still remember of what I want to do.
Cursing or attacking personal life is not my way on solving things.
Whether I want to curse with F-words or B-words,
I still can control my mind and emotions.

It must be lucky to have someone who really care about us.
I do have more than someone, and that's what build me up now today.

Zara : I need settle something for my convocation.
Take care fellas!

6 사랑해 Kisses From You:

joegrimjow said...

rasanya tu pembalasan
taboo pon... ye kot

eugene said...

maki-hamun tu adalah tidak baik, but worst still for cursing... i always believe, it is like the seed we sow, if good seed will bear good fruit,,,and vice versa...

take care my friend

HEMY said...

cursing sendirian buleh apa...nk kasi puas hati sendiri..ahaahaha

Jard The Great said...

rilek2 zara.. huhuhu...

zamspotte said...

huhu... The situation, please don't make the same mistake that I'd made it earlier... Cursing is not the good way to solve problem... huhu...

GiGGLe GaL said...

ah.. care damn about them, dear.. a donkey can never be taught to be clever. They were born moron. So as those who are so sickening around u.

worries no more, ok! u have many around u!

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