January 1, 2009

Social Work?

At last, I'm going to my social works - alone.
Without Mom accompany me.
She's going to school.
Only motorcycle, knife and me.
Not to mention my Blackish and the engagement ring (?) as well.

Engagement ring?

I'm arrived there.
People stared at me.
They just give me a weird look.
What are the hell this girl doing here?
Maybe that's what in their minds.
I can't read theirs, and hope that they can't read mine as well.

I greet them.
All of them, 4-5 women and some men as well.
I went to the kitchen area.
Shake my hand with them.
They asked me - my condition, why I'm here etc.

Those women - older than Mum.
Imagine that - older than my Mom.

Even Mom and I got quite a big margin of ages - 26 years.
How about those women here?
Those aunties, and some are grannies.

My social works.
My dad asked me to be here.
And here I am.
Stranded with my knife.
Fake smile?
Sincerely smiles?
I do hope so.

So, it's just the time to be a part of the community.
The community that I belonged to.
I belongs to them.
I guess so.

The beef, chilies, gingers, turmeric, onions, and much more.
The hardest part for me, of course the beef.
The smell, etc. - but, will I give up?
No way!

They are nice people.
Friendly and kind as well.
I guessed that villagers are all like that.
We live as a community and build our own society.
I'm happy to be a part of them.

Social works like this as a training for me.
As Dad kept mentioned, I'll be a teacher.
A teacher who hold the futures.
A teacher is a part of community and I must serve for the society.
I'm belonged to the society.

If I don't assimilate with them, how come I want to be a good teacher?
It's the custom and the values that Dad want to imply in me.
To build me as a good human, myself.
Yeah, it's a good lesson anyway.

After done so many chores, they provided some meals as well.
My precious coffee, hot coffee.
Fried noodles and bread as well.
I missed that kind of bread.
I forgot what we called it as, but those fellas called it as "roti kok"
It's damn nice when been eat with the hot coffee.

Talking about food - what I did so much today was for "kenduri"
People gather in the small musolla and had some religious ceremony.
The menus just make me craved for foods.
The main course - BEEF!

Zara: I'm damn tired, but I'm happy. At least, whether Mom is not around, I still can assimilate with the community myself.

6 사랑해 Kisses From You:

Luth Textile said...

good job..

Muhammad Nazeef said...

wow!...social work~
hrmm..bila la aku nak join...
tu hari nak gi spca tolong kucing2 tapi akak tu kater nak handle anjing skali...adei...tu yg lemah tuh..
last2 kensel...

happy new year!

p/s: engagement ring?..apakah~?

ZARA 札拉 [사랑해~] said...

Luth Textile:


Thanks budak Luth~

ZARA 札拉 [사랑해~] said...

Muhammad Nazeef :

Rajinnya kau Nazeef..

SPCA, aku tengok gak dalam MHI aritu~aku takut kucing, memang tak larat la aku mau tolong. Tolong tengok boleh la..


P/S: Engagement Ring? Mungkin tidak~

ubey said...

hoho. zara nk kawen!!!!

ZARA 札拉 [사랑해~] said...


Bila plak aku nak kawen nih?

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