December 31, 2008

Uncle T in My Diary

I tidied some of the old stuffs in my old wardrobe.
I found a diary which threw me back to matriculation time.
It was 4 years ago.
Lovely time.

I crossed the diary - a 2004 diary.
The first part was about how I spent my time while waiting for SPM's result.
Some nice and bloody memories as well.

The rest of the diary was about my matriculation memories.
One of names which kept appeared in that diary was one of my best buddy.
Just called him as Uncle T-A.

Why called him as Uncle T-A?
Simply because my lovely buddy, DIYA called me Auntie.
He behaved like an "old man" in one incident which turned him to be called as Uncle by DIYA, MIRA and Me.

He is really good in English.
I never met anyone like him - which was really good naturally.
But, each time he tried to speak in Malay, it'll sounds funny.
I suspected he translated some words directly, LOL!
But, we make it as one of elements which colored our friendship.
I mean, at least, I challenged myself to be as good as him.
Maybe not perfect, but I know, I'm trying.

He was one of the famous guys in my matriculation.
Why I said so?
Because everyone knew him.
He's nice, friendly and easy to recognize.

Most of the notes about him in my diary - it's like a stalker at first stage.
I admitted that I'm not so good in social skills at that time.
I tried to improve it and something which make me dare to change - FRIENDSHIP.
Yeah, I loved to meet new people.

I remembered the first time I saw him during Physical's students manifesto.
He just make me impressed because he was one of the candidates for the election.
It's simply because I'm thinking about his race.
By looking at him, one will take some time to guess.
Malay? Chinese? Englishman? Siamese?

What I wrote down in the black diary?

The colors of his shirts mainly what been stated in the diary.
A bit childish but since we were buddies - it was not something odd I guess.
His shirts - blue and white - even make me wondered if he only had two of them.

We mainly shared hints on quizzes, tests and exams.
And of course, our daily activities since we were not from the same lectures.
Not to forget, EPL's results.
I'm a die-hard-fan of Manchester United, while him, a Liverpool maniac.
So compatible right?
Two traditions enemies.

We played "hide and seeks" crazily at one point.
It's damn fun and I can't forgot the moment.
My phone kept on vibrating while he was looking for me.
He moved around with his phone - kept calling my number.
He smiled to every girls who wore white headscarf (I told him like that but I wore pink).
He walked next to me and said "Hi" to my friend, which was his classmate.
He don't smile to me at all. Stingy!
Because, he don't have any ideas that it was me - the person that he's looking for.

29th August 2004
My 17th birthday.
That day, he saw me waiting for the bus in front of our college.
He only saw me from the back - the color of my garments and headscarf, but not my face.
Been trapped by the wild guess - I declined about it at the first stage.
But, at last, I admitted that I'm the person.

That evening, I went back to the college.
He asked me to reveal myself.
Asked me to meet up the next day.
I refused for the thousand times.
I kept thinking about it for the whole night.

…and it's happened.
I decided to meet him and one of my roommates will accompany.
Just in case to make sure everything alright.
We make a deal.
Meet up in the library at 3.00 p.m.
Three of us were free (but, I mentioned to him, its only both of us).

30th August 2004
We met each other.
I still remembered that moment clearly.
My Physic's lab was cancelled due to some technical problems.
I guessed the lecturer absent that day.

I went to the library with some friends.
Felt damn lazy to go back to the room at that time.
I sent him text messages : asked where was he and told him that I'm in the library.
He replied that he was in the computer lab.

So, I just finished up my assignments.
He texted me and asked if we can meet up after his lab finished.
I told him that according to the plan, we should meet at 3 p.m.
He said, it's just the same.

A bit afraid at that time.
So, I just replied, Yes and told him the color of my clothes, so, it'll be easy for him to detect me.
We set up the place.
He chose "Religious Section"

Some of my friends want to accompany me, but I declined.
Don't want to burden them with my own problems.
(Whether there were 2 of them who really concerned - peeking at us at that time).

I went to the area and saw him sat at the section.
But, since there were a lot of people and mostly were guys, I'm headed to Chemistry Section.
I dragged a book and waited there.
I told him that I was there.
No replied.

I tried to call him but the line was busy.
Kept on engaged make me a bit pissed off.
I was reading the book while he called me.
Answered the phone while hided myself a bit in the cubic.

Some of our conversations that I can recall:

T-A : Where are you? Can't see you.
Me : In the Chemistry Section.
T-A : Should be in the Religious Section right?
Me : There's many people. Plus, I already walked next to you. You don't realized me.
T-A: Why don't you just sit next to me?
Me : Too many people were there. I'm at Chemistry Section.
T-A : There's a lot of girls. Which one are you?
Me : I wear blue "baju kurung" and white headscarf.
T-A : Where are you exactly?
Me : At one of the single seat, the cubic.
T-A : Oh, I already see you.
Me : (l looked around and saw him headed to me with smile on his face. Off my phone)

T-A : Hi. So, you are A?
Me : Yeah.
T-A : I'm T-A. (He mentioned his name)
Me : Yeah, I know that.
T-A : So, why you was scared to meet me?
Me : Hmm, because this is the first time I meet you.

…and we had pretty long conversations until he excused himself - he got class.
After said goodbye to each other, I went back to my desk.
Grabbed all my stuffs and saw he was walking out from the library.
He was smiling at me, so I texted him.

Me : Are you satisfied now?
T-A : More than satisfied. Now, I know who are you.

Everything was fun after that.
The friendship that we've make - one of the precious moments in my life.

Some funny and embarrassing memories happened as well.
He always caught me did something crazy.
Mostly were in the library.

Can't forgot the incident when I played with Ida's glasses.
I wore her specs and because of the power was too strong, it slipped onto my nose.
Just like a granny.
Suddenly, he walked next to my table and said, "Nice specs."
Really shameful!

Something which famous during that time was "fast calls".
You can speak within 3 seconds and your credit will remained the same.
It's damn famous and everyone did that too.
So do us.

It's make me laughed when I read the diary.
His name kept appeared in there.
I wondered if he still remember me as a good buddy.
But we still contact each other when necessary.

It's not like I just try to find him if I missed him or whatsoever.
But, since we furthered our studies in different universities and he is belongs to other girl, I prefer just read through his pages etc.
It's more fun to be like this, at least I know my buddy is happy somewhere.

We've been called as "Odd Friends".
We've been called as "Freaks".
We've been called as "Weirdo".

But something which I know clearly, I met such a nice friend last time.
A good buddy who really motivated me.
Not only in my English skills, but my whole life as well.

Zara : Mr. T-A, I do miss you so much my friend. You still holding the same hand since 4 years ago, but I already lost my "Sun" who brighten my day and kept me warmth.

4 사랑해 Kisses From You:

Anike MK said...

nice to read your story..
and i'm also miss my precious moment at matriculation...
too many...huhu...


Luth Textile said...

kenangan yang lalu tak boleh dah nak diulang kembali,
kita just kenang kenangan itu..

ni mesti lepas gian nak menulis!

ZARA 札拉 [사랑해~] said...

Anike MK :

Thanks a lot Anike!

I miss it as well~

ZARA 札拉 [사랑해~] said...

Luth Textile:


memang sanagt gian Luth~

Sem baek aku tak gigil...

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