November 14, 2008

Tagged by Queen : Current Things

It's time to pay the tags again...

This time, I already kept this tag since few days ago.
Sorry QUEEN!

I need sometimes to translate it,
just for fun maybe.
So, here it goes...

1. What is the time now?
8.10 p.m. [14th November 2008]

2. Current Mood
Mixed emotions

3. What I want to do now
Burn my Physical Chemistry and Linear Algebra's notes.

4. If I do have "magic" now, I'm gonna...
Make this semester ends.

5. What are things that you want to watch now?
Madagascar 2 perhaps?
...or Muallaf on 27th Nov in Singapore.

6. What are the things that your family do now?
Don't know, usually in the mosque.

7. Current meal time?

8. Want to spend time with who now?
Physical Chemistry and Linear Algebra's notes.

9. And what are the things that he/they do now?
They are in my bag, on my desk and on my bed.

10. Current weather?
Cold, the rain just stopped.

11. If I do have 1 million now, I will...
Pay the loan from PTPTN and save the money in the bank.

12. What souvenir that you want now?

13. After answered this, what do you feel?
Relieved...I'm done

14. So, what is the time now?
8.15 p.m.

15. Lastly, who you want to tag?
Enough...let it ends with me.

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