November 1, 2008

Happy Birthday Bad!

Today, 1st November is my best buddy birthday.
Happy birthday dear!

[more about her]

It's been a long time didn't meet you.
The last time, should be back on our last day in matriculation right?

Happy 22nd Birthday honey!
I miss you so much!
Hope we can meet each other next month.

Never meet each other since 2005,
but we still contact each other.
She's the one who took me into this blogsphere,
who encourage me to write everything that I want.

::Grab From her Friendster page::

4 사랑해 Kisses From You:

a Q r a m said...

aku bday nti aku nk adiah

ZARA said...

a Q r a m:

ko nak hadiah?

birthday ko bila ek aqram?


ku tak tau...

ghost_MaR said...

i hope that nobody doesn't make a surprise for me on my birthday ... heheh ...

next year plan birtday : enjoy kt time square ... lalalla ... tetamu kehormat : 3 org jer ...

ezo said...

happy belated bufday to ur fren..

oit, aku mahu hadiah juga..

x perlu yang besar2 or mahal2, janji ada..


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