November 6, 2008

Been Asked To...

One person that I talked to recently asked me to listen to this song.
He even tried to send the MV of this song but failed to do so because of he was
disconnected while transferring the files.

So, I checked and download the MV by myself.
It's a good song anyway.
I do love to listen to it now.
I don't know why he asked me to listen to it, but I do find it's really nice.
It's a Japanese song.

Koko Ni Iru Yo
[I'm Here]
Soulja feat. Aoyama Thelma

For the lyrics, you can click on the source.
It have both of the lyrics, in Romaji and also in English.

I still don't get why you asked me to listen to this song dude,
but I realized that it's a good song.
*and it have a response to this song*

Soba Ni Iru Ne
[By Your Side]
Aoyama Thelma feat. Soulja.
For the lyrics, please click [here]

I hope you enjoy the song now.
Thanks for asked me to listen to this song.
This song is been dedicated to you!

4 사랑해 Kisses From You:

sabariah.noor said...

hoho...lagu apakah ini?

lagu cintan-cintun?

alif-mikail said...

er.. tak pernah dengar neh!

ZARA 札拉 [사랑해~] said...

sabariah.noor :


lagu kengkawan jer sab...


ZARA 札拉 [사랑해~] said...

alif-mikail :

if tak pernah dengar...nih la masanya untuk dengar Koi~


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