October 30, 2008

The Sky and Me

The sky is bright.
The sky is blue.

A nice morning.
I got my energy back.

Welcome back Zara.
Welcome back to the hectic life.
Thanks for smiling.

Sab told me yesterday that recently I always talked when
I'm sleeping.
I'm shocked!
Maybe I'm just too tired.
Maybe because I'm not feeling too well.
I assumed the reasons, because I don't know the truth.

I'm getting better whether I'm still coughing.
Sorry Sab dearie if it's a bit annoying, I hope you don't mind.
Two doctors scolded me.
Two lovely wannabe doctors actually.
Nafis and Shashi.

Nafis knew that I took my medicine overdose.
He getting mad, and asked me to drink and eat the medicine bottle as well.
Being mumbled by those doctors,
reminded me of the old days.
They are really like that.
Really concerned of me.

I just crossed Rimielya's comment.
Thanks darling.
Don't worry ya?
I'm getting better.
I'm the invincible right?
Have you forgot that honey?

14 사랑해 Kisses From You:

JeromeFo令狐冲 said...

Hv a good stress.
Muz take care your own health orrrh =)

ZARA said...

JeromeFo令狐冲 :

Thanks a lot...

Gonna take note of it...

Akira 思胜 said...

Wow, the sky photo is nice wor!!!

ZARA said...

Akira 思胜:

Its from my room lor~

Really nice right?

Princess Liyana said...

huhu..get well soon dear!:)

jgn lupa mkn ubat..hhi..kalau main nyorok2 dgn dr,mesti demam cpt elok;p

ZARA said...

Princess Liyana:

Thanks a lot darling...

dengan doc aii yg berdua tu...

payah nak main nyorok2~

dorang pemalu...

[ Eclipse ] said...

ai x sbr2 nak berblog ah tu sampai ckp dlm tido *)

LZ said...

OMG..overdose?? I'm gonna scold u too Zara dear!! >_<

Nazrikawi said...

medicine overdose...i've tried that before...

Back in the year 2006, I've swallowed 6 paracetamol (Milidon 650. The label says only 2 for 6 hours?(kinda...)

Anyway wanna know the effect?

Amazingly, I can run without gasping for air. (since I'm fat, usually termengah2... )

However, the drawback is...

after a while...I got this pain in my chest and I swear that I'll never try it again.

"It brings more deficits that profits"

ZARA said...

[ Eclipse ]:


agaknya la kot?

sebab penat pun yer gak agaknya...

ZARA said...


Just I'm too lazy to take the spoon...

Aiyark..one more doctor scolded me?

ZARA said...

Nazrikawi :


that's sounded scary bro...


yeah, i know but sometimes cant avoid it lor~

ezo said...


jaga kesihatan elok2 k..

jangan terlebih suda makan ubat..

tembak kang..

hiks.. (tersedu sedan..ekekeke)

ZARA 사랑해~ said...



ku akan dengar nasihat kamu!


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