September 9, 2008

The Briefing for MyLine

Today's test was good, I mean I knew
that at least I can answered those questions.

I need to leave the Physical Chemistry class before the
exact time.
Yeah, I went to the briefing on next week program.

Went there with Lorince.
Already make the deal with him~well, at least I have a friend to
accompany me there,
he'd been invited as well.

Yeah, at last been there at time!

So, listened to the briefing by Mdm. Amina, Ms. Fatimah and
Assoc. Prof. Khairi as well...

There were a lot things happened!

...suddenly my name was called upon by Ms Fatimah,
she asked me to teach those international students
to sing "Negaraku" - Malaysia's national anthem...

So, there were me, Lorince and Sollehin stood in front
of the others.
I started by taught them how to pronouns
the lyrics.

....luckily Ady was came back from the toilet when we need to
sing the song!

One of the international students who posted
something that make me pissed off in the forum talked to me,
try to explain what did he mean before,
but, yeah, it still make me pissed off because he still
think he's right.

Don't want to talk about it.
Just yeah, after being a forummer almost 2 years,
my contributions there had been awarded.

...and at last, I already know who are Fariz Khan and Yussairi...

Can't wait to chat with CWC tonight!
Want to tell him about this briefing!

2 사랑해 Kisses From You:

a Q r a m said...

yeah! tunjukkan semangat patriotik anda ZARA!

ZARA said...

a q r a m:

Aku telah menunjukkan semangat aku...
Aku nyanyi dengan lantang nyer...
kalah Chester LP tau?

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