August 10, 2008

What A Day!

*Those of my sisters who stood under one umbrella!*

*Don't wrote BORED word in my life dictionary!*

*The best place that I love - library*

*Those books that I read - just to kill my time while waiting*

*Around the library before went to the activities*

*Midah My Unni who loved that kind of pose*

*Zara just loved the colors combination*

*We do love to be full of flash*

*The building - the biggest CICT I believe*

*Midah, Florina and Zara hate to wait*

*Those people said that they were bored*
+We hate waiting!+

*Florina and me getting more bored*

*Foo came and joined this bored people*

4 사랑해 Kisses From You:

Tara Graphic said...

i thought you don't want people to write bored in your life dictionary..

instead you were really bored..

ZARA said...

Because people make my life bored...

They tried to make me hate my own life.

People are trying~

© Sara Liyana Salleh said...

what wrong???
is it because ur lecturer didn't turn up yet???

ZARA said...

Actually, she messed things a bit on that day.

We were all burnt out!

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