August 15, 2008

Walk, Listen and Learn

Last night, went to Convo Site.
Ann, Gee, Ila, Midah and Zara went together.
We make the promise to meet after Isya' prayer.

Waiting for their called to wait at the proper place.
Since I am the one who came from different college as them,
I need to wait for awhile.

My room mate, Sab already went back to KL. So, I am getting bored and played around with the camera.

::I am looked great I guess:: ::New style of veil::

::I wonder who do I look like?:: ::Ayat-Ayat Cinta Movie?::
Tribute to My Blogging Friend, Amir.
Amir, Sis think that you inspired me in that photo.

::While waiting for those ladies::
:: I love this kind of light::

After they came, we walked to the Convo Site.
Actually, we want to listen and watched to a forum.
Those speakers are famous and really good!
I used to watched them on air.

::Hafiz Hamidun::
:: A Nasyid Singer and the moderator of the forum::

::The Forum::

After the forum finished, we decided to have some walked around it.

::I Love This::

::Soft ice cream - Ila's treat::
:: A lot of people stared at us::
:: But, do Zara care?::

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