August 15, 2008

Simple Post

This morning, went to Linear Algebra class.

::The shoes that Zara's wore::
:: My Favorite : Lee Cooper::

::The Skull in the Lab::
::When I can be skinny like you baby?::

::Ann was copied what I done::

::Okay, its my turn!::
*The skull hug me?*

::Ila and me::
[Looked too dramatic]

::We had promised something right baby?::

So, after Mar briefed us on what should happen next week,
Midah and Me went to the cafe to have our lunch.

::Zara's meal for today::

7 사랑해 Kisses From You:

_neo_ said...

oit pegi anatomy lab ker???huhuuu

ZARA said...

lab chem la dear....

a'an_lemon said...

haha..kte suke pic neh...nmpk tembam..huhu. hadeiii..nk kena diet la..bru leh jdik cm pakwe rangka sblh tu..huhu

ZARA said...

in easy way, u love it because u are in there dear! hahaha~
no lah~

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