August 10, 2008

Miss The Weekend!

I missed the awesome weekend.

*From the MPV*

*The landmark after we went down the Bridge*

*Somewhere near the bank*

*In my hometown - near the bank*

*The market near my grandma's house*
*Bought some seafood for her*

*Around the market*

*The weather too hot - just take a sip of the sugar-cane juice*
Okay, I lied.
Half of the plastic was mine.

*The uncle who sold the juice*
It was awesome uncle!

*Only can find this in my grandma's house*
She loved small and "rich in bones" fishes.
I wonder why.

Suddenly I was in a wedding house,
with the above attire!
Just took a little bit.

*The wedding place*
People nowadays loved to make banner for the wedding.

I hope when my time come,
I can afford a billboard!

*Still the wedding house*

*Next to my auntie's house*
+Sugar cane again+

*In front of my house*
+The fruits looked nice huh?+
It's really sweet indeed!

*The banana trees at my backyard*

*The rambutan before I took half of it back to the campus*

8 사랑해 Kisses From You:

cik rye said...


x offer pon kat bilik sebelah..


meng'kawan tirikan' ssyyy..

-insan terbuang-

ZARA said...


Kita bukan geng pecah rumah ke Cik Rye?



Next time kita ronggeng eks?


Tara Graphic said...

nice kampung..

ZARA said...



michy said...

we have rambutan in the philippines but the color of the skin is red.

ZARA said...


We have the red one too Michy but its already finished when I back to my hometown~

and I already ate that before I came...

© Sara Liyana Salleh said...

I grow up in a town...
don't know how does it feels like staying in a village...
looks peaceful when I saw all the pics at the kg... =)

ZARA said...

Thanks a lot Liyana!

Welcome to my village if u want!

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