August 9, 2008

Inside My Room

*My Lovely Sean*
+Tara and Zara are there+

*The books*

*My MU jersey, Giordano Umbrella*

*My stuffs - a lot, I know*

*Inside my locker*

*My bed*
*Can you see Kimi?*

*Under my bed got pail, toiletries, shoes, detergents, etc* short pants there+

*My desk*
*Got a lot of stuffs huh?*

*My small compartment of life*

13 사랑해 Kisses From You:

Tara Graphic said...

Wah..better than mine...

ZARA said...

Better in the sense of?

Tara Graphic said...

*Blush*..there even have our picture...

Its great!

ZARA said...


Sean was opened just now...



Thanks Tara!

Tara Graphic said...

Very tidy!=)

Kimi also happy.=)

ZARA said...


I am a young lady~

Not too tidy actually~



Kimi is happy!

Tara Graphic said...


im happy for you!

ZARA said...

My honey bear is happy too right?

*rolling eyes*


Tara Graphic said...


yeah always happy!

ZARA said...


That's a good things....


Krishna said...

Hi Zara,
You have posted some wonderful pics. They are of professional touch. Are they clicked by you? I am a photo-lover and occasionally click some photos, especially when I go on tour.
By the way, I find that you have some nice chemistry books! Do you love chemistry/science? I like science and I have some posts on global warming with chemical formulas and reactions, etc.
I will visit again, I love your site. It reflects your sense of beauty!

ZARA said...

Thanks a lot Krishna...

I am doing chemistry and I found that environmental issues is one of my favorite since I took the subject last 2 semester.

Thanks for visit me!

amirwashere said...

u cant challenge my bedroom la sis zara..
someday i'll show to u my bedroom lak..
my house u had already seem right?
tu bru luaran....

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