August 28, 2008

From Mira With Love

After went back from Jusco,
as been promised to Mira early of this week,
I met her in the cafe.

[Note:Mira was one of my best buddy in campus
and my room mate when I was in Second Year]

So, we met there while she took her dinner.
She got a surprise for me!

A Birthday Gift!
Since I'm going back home tomorrow,
she decided to give the birthday gift today!

Thanks a lot Mira dearie!
Love you so much darling!

::The Gift Bag::
[Is the two cute bears are us dear?]

::First stuff that I took out from
that cute bag::
[Birthday Card]

::Wow! A cute T-Shirt!::

::The design of the T-Shirt::

Mira dearie!
Thanks a lot Sayang.

P/S: Sorry I opened it earlier darling.
Can't wait until midnight.

7 사랑해 Kisses From You:

LimZhi said...

happy bday in advance!! ;)

nice shirt with fantastic design!! really nice..

ZARA said...

Thanks a lot LimZhi dearie...
I'm waiting from yours...
When I can get one darling?

a Q r a m said...

er...selamat hari jadi... :siul siul:

ZARA said...

Eh, bukan ko suka menyanyi ke Aqram? Kata suara merdu...Nih ko bersiul pula bah~

eunice said...

Sayang Sayang Happy Birthday first to you!!! =D The gifts are chantek!! heheheh

ZARA said...

Yeah! That's my Lovely Eunice here!
Thanks Sayang...

amirwashere said...

huu~ nice contra colour and nice besday present~

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