July 21, 2008

You Eat It Dude!

Being too sensitive a now.

Yesterday attend Degree++ course for Adobe Photoshop - just want to learn more on that particular area.

Some of my friends were taking the same class too - Ady, Ramesh, Nora, Midah, Siti, Zai, Kak Sharmi, and Yeng. There were some people from my faculty too.

Just wonder something - why must people hurt me with their kindness?
I am only a weak human - I don't have anything that too WOW in this world! What did you want by acted like that towards me?

I hate things like this - you ruined my heart, my soul with that kind of attitudes! I am not too pathetic to be treat like that!

You are so arrogant dude!

Today's class were awesome! Thanks God no quiz for Linear Algebra today.

P/S: By the way, SHASHI already back to Malaysia!

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