July 25, 2008

Yeah! Already Done!

After waiting for a long time yesterday, at last I managed to pay my fees for this semester.
Need to withdraw the money -RM 1420 from the bank and pay it directly to the officer.

Went to usrah after that. Have a nice meeting and so on.

Someone asked me what I am going to do this weekend.
So people, I plan to:

* Find all the resources for my thesis*

*Study for my quizes*
I have 2 quizzes next week...
-Physical Chemistry 2
- Material Chemistry

*Donate my blood on Sunday*
I love this activity so much!

4 사랑해 Kisses From You:

amirwashere said...

uish! may i ask u?
where are u futher ur study huh?

ZARA said...

i'm studying in UTM~
Skudai lolz

@ng31a said...

You're going to donate your blood?? Actually I would like to donate my blood too but I am too scared....I scared I will faint when I saw my own blood~!! =.="

ZARA said...

Angela dearie, no need to be scared. U'll find itsbreally fun to donate blood. Its my dream...^0^ and if i succeed this sunday, it'll be my 5th times...=)

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