July 24, 2008

Shopping on J-Card Day

Basically people, I am a good advisor when it came to shopping time.
Quite good in both worlds - men and women.
So, today, I accompanied my friends to go shopping!

Its J-Card today in Jusco Taman U.
So, can you imagine how busy people are?
We only have 2 hours before the class start!

That's what everyone said about girls.

So, after choosed those things for her, at least we manage to go back.
A bit late for the class.

But then, seriously, its a good experiences!
People are too many!
Sometimes they are too arrogant!
Yeah, being hitted by too many trolley today!

I will do my shopping activity this Saturday.
I don't buy anything today.
Just accompany my sweet sister, Midah.

8 사랑해 Kisses From You:

Princess Liyana said...

Alahai.tak g pun jusco card day hari.sure ramai orang:P penat tau.huhu

ZARA said...

Alahai dear~
Tak pergi pun takper~
Sakit kena langgar dengan troli tau~
Org mmg ramai gila~

A t i Q a h said...

Huhuhu..this was my target to shop actually. But until the day came, KPM tak bagi duit lagi. Menci!!

ZARA said...

Relax la Tiqah sayang~
Ada banyak Jusco kat Malaysia nih~

@ng31a said...

Accompany me go shopping also can?? hahaha....XD

ZARA said...

Can lol~ We hang out in Ipoh lolz~

Neni said...

hi zara,
saya pergi juga, tapi tak jadi. nampak orang ramai sangat anak saya menangis. tengok kat cashier pun beratur panjang. dah lah..balik lg.. tak sanggup :)

ZARA said...

nama jer saya teman kawan tapi berapa kali 'bumper' saya kena langgar dengan troli. pity btol kan?

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