July 27, 2008

What Happened To Me?

What happened to me?

After donate my blood, just had some walked with Mira in the Fiestra next to my college.

I bought a Manchester United watch - it's so nice and cute. Red in color people and all of you know that I am a die-hard-fan of Manchester United. Simply can tell by look at my widget.

So, after that, I went back to my room. Took some photos after I donate my blood with the watch. One good example is this one.

Thats me after donate 450 mL of my thick blood.
Look at my left hand - that's the Manchester United watch.
Cute right?

After about ten minutes, Shima was chatted with me by using YM. Just accompanied her for lunch.Met those girls - Ann, Ila, Yue, Zai and Siti in Meranti. They just donate their blood - only Siti and Ila qualified to donate.

Shima and I went to the Fiestra for a while. Just to had a window shopping - that's the main aim actually. I passed the watch shop - and saw new design!

It's not there when I went there with Mira just now!
So, the owner and me had some conversation.

Owner: Girl, this is nice!

Zara: But it's not here just now.

Owner: You came too early, so, we still doesnt display it.

Zara: If I exchanged it, may I?

Owner: Sure you can.

Zara: Let me try it first.

Owner: Anything you like girl.

Zara: Shima, this is cool!

Shima: Yeah! Nice and smart.

Zara: Uncle, I want to take this. It means I only need to add some more money only right?

Owner: Yes.

Less than one hour I got new watch and need to say goodbye to my lovely Manchester United watch!

So, I went back to my room - took some more picture - and post this entry...

*My new watch*

2 사랑해 Kisses From You:

Amiene Rev said...


That is a cool sport watch!

I like silver and black... somehow silver and dark navy blue... is alright.

ZARA said...

that's nice right?
i love the colors too~

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