July 12, 2008

Morning Activities

I miss my home right now.

Freezing in the library while searching for the materials for my thesis and so on.

My okaasan called two nights before and basically I really miss her. She told me that she miss my cooking. After all, I am quite good in cooking now.
*My okaasan said like that*

Ila called me just now - asked whether I want to go to KL with them - tonight, they will be live on Akademi Nasyid.

Refused with her invitation. I have meeting this evening - plus, I am not watching that program - I mean, because it clashed with Majalah Tiga.

By the way, one of the group, Voice of Men are from my university, so, I think they go for support them. I wish them luck, and I know one of the group members too. He came from my faculty.
Last night, when to Usrah with Shima and Tini. I heard that we will have another usrah tonight. So that, I need to settle my work first.

Till then....

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