July 12, 2008

Heavy and Tired

Went to the only one class today - Coordinate Chemistry. The Material Chemistry class had been canceled due to those industries students still not coming back yet - so the class will start on the following Monday. Its fine with me... *laugh*

Before the class started, when to Tun Dr Ismail College - to be exact, the office - just to accompany Mar. She need to meet the Residence Supervisor - for the sake to have room for her. I just waited and read the newspaper - go through those big bang issues - simply because last night I am too tired to watch the news.

After the class, went to Pak Lah's cafe - had brunch with Mar. Basically, after that, we stopped at the University's shop, Mini Mart and went straight to the library. Using the web to find some books and journals for my thesis.

Struggling to find those stuffs and after search for those call numbers - at last, I managed to find those heavy books - mostly are chemistry of course. Met some old friends - accidentally - just missed them so much. Have short but nice chats with them.

Saw that "eye-for-shoes" guy, Syed and his friend, Fazli. They were studied - I guess - at Level 4. Its always the same things if Syed saw me around - will aim to attack me because of my shoes - anyway, I wore Bunny today. He complaint about it - asked me to wear proper shoes next time. Aiyoh, that guy - I told him to buy a new shoe for me if he doesn’t satisfied with my shoes... *laugh*

Mar texted me - she already waited outside library with Zai - so, I told those guys that I want to go. Borrowed those heavy books - my hands almost swell now... *sigh*

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