July 26, 2008

Lunch - with LM's Friends

Just went back from having lunch with Wardah, Taufik and his friend - called Usop.

Its on Taufik's treat since he told us that he want to treat us.

So, I went to Jusco with Wardah - she drove the car.

Both of us chatted a lot since we rarely meet each other this semester - only passed by etc.

Need to waited for Taufik and his friend ~ almost one hour.
Luckily because it's your treat bro.

So, after both of us almost fainted because too hungry (this is a lie), finally he arrived and already waited for us in the restaurant.

Almost scream because the restaurant too crowded!
Last semester I went to Pizza Hut with Hyung.

The waitress gave us the menus - we took some time to pick and choosed what we wanted.

Hey, whether it's on people treat, we need to consider too right Wardah?

So, both of us, wardah and me really attracted to Starzbites Cheesy Extreme.
Looked so delicious, so we choosed that.
*big grin*

This one which Wardah and me want!
*We took the set for 4 person*

*Hawaiian Tuna Pizza*
This one which Taufik adds on.

After ate all of it, we were too full.

P/S: Taufik, thanks a lot for the treat. Wardah dearie, its so nice to be in the same car with you again - like the old days lolz...

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