July 15, 2008

Cakes and Photographers

Hi Guys!

Remember when I said about my conference with two of my old friends?

Basically - one is a chef and the other one is a freelancer.

If you want to have wedding - recently - feel free to view those pages from my awesome friends!

This is what Rahami did, so anything you can contact him via his pages or contact numbers there. Don't worry, he offered a suitable prices and he's not alone - he has one partner - Aliff Afiq.

Feel free to view his page or his partner, Aliff

Well, the other guy - one of my best friends, Zam is promoting his cakes! I already taste his Chocolate and Cheese cakes!

Its really nice.Trust me!

Well, for more information - all of you can view the blog of that bakery - Muafakat Bakery

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