July 26, 2008

Breakfast : Campus vs Hometown

The lovely Spymama post an entry called meme that I posted down there.

When talked about breakfast, I always proud and excited to talk about it.

So much different breakfast in the campus (basically I prepared it on my own in my room before I go to the class) and when I am in my hometown.

For some people who know about Muar - in Johore, Malaysia, in this small town - one of the famous breakfast is Satay.


*Barley Juice*

I love it so much. Basically in Muar, usually the one who sell the food is the Malay and the Chinese prepared drinks.
Its something unique that I always happy about.
Barley Juice that prepared by the aunty in my favorite shop always the best - because she made it by herself.

So, when I came back to the campus - the class is always started early in the morning - at 8 a.m.
So, just prepared the breakfast in my room.

Girl's Syndrome.
Hate to go to the cafe in the morning - on the lecture day.
Simply because the odor will be on our clothes.

*A Mug of Nescafe*

*A Bowl of Corn Flakes*

Yeah, that's why I took almost everyday. As I kept mentioned, Nescafe is compulsory to me~

I miss to have proper breakfast.

2 사랑해 Kisses From You:

amirwashere said...

sedapnya barli marli + satay chatay tu!

ZARA said...

its looked nice huh?
come and join me have it~
but need to wait until I go back to my hometown lolz~

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