June 30, 2008


White is one of my favorite colors - if I need to rank it, I will put it at number three... *smile*

Well, some of my stuffs are white in color. I don't know why I love white so much - maybe it's due to I love school uniform... *laugh*

Someone asked me, why I love white color so much, but, I told her, I love blue and black more compare to white... My sweater, specs, socks, shoes, watch, accessories, keyboard, headphone etc. are white. I don't know - I just bought what I want - I mean, because that things really attract me... Its like magnet you know, whether I am not a shopaholic... *sigh*

My friend makes some wild guess. She said that the reason why my specs is white in color because MLP's specs is also white in color. I said, NO! Because, when I bought my specs, MLP and I no longer couple... A friend chooses that color for me, thanks to Rod because I am a bit confused to choose between black and white...

Right now I am thinking of white more... I want to drink some milk... *laugh*

White is so pure, and some people will confuse whether we supposed to say the water is white or colorless... The answer is water is colorless unless you put some cordial inside it... *laugh*

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