August 30, 2010

Petronas Merdeka 2010 - Kereta Buruk | Totally A Great Commercial

Salam and hi readers.
The National Day is around the corner. One of the things that I love during this time is the commercial breaks. Yup, I'm so into advertisement thingy and commercial breaks. Let say, I do adore others creative job.

Agency: Leo Burnett Malaysia
Film Director: Hafiz Ibrahim
Creative Directors: Tan Yew Leong/ Ali Muhamad
Art Director: Tan Yew Leong
Copywriter: Sheikh Azraai Azmi
Production Company: Chilli Peppers
Senior Producer: Michelle Fung
Other credits: Mohd Effendy Harjoh, Raja Affandi Jamaludin

Happy 53rd National Day Malaysia!

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Azman Roslan said...

memang best iklan tu..

Azman Roslan telah datang ke blog ini

Faiz said...

What a nice ads from Petronas. Luv it. So meaningful...

Anonymous said...

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