January 6, 2009

10th Muharram 1430 : Day of Ashura

Tomorrow is 10th Muharram 1430,
which mean the 10th-day of Hijr Calendar this year.
Its also known as Day of Ashura.

My parent and my little bro just gave me a call (two calls actually).
Reminded me to perform the prayer called as "Solat Sunat Ashura".
The prayer can be done after the Maghrib just now, up until tomorrow.

Tonight is the night of the Ashura Day itself.
If been allowed, let me share on how to perform the prayer here.
*I wrote it down in Malay*

Hari Asyura disunatkan untuk melakukan solat sunat empat rakaat dengan dua salam.
Tiap dua rakaat satu salam.

::Lafaz niat::

"Sahaja aku solat sunat Ashura dua rakaat kerana Allah Ta'ala"

::Rakaat pertama::
Baca surah Al- Fatihah dan selepas itu baca surah Al - Ikhlas sebanyak 11 kali.

::Rakaat Kedua::
Baca Al - Fatihah dan selepas itu baca surah Al - Ikhlas sebanyak 11 kali juga.

::Selepas memberi salam, lakukan lagi dua rakaat iaitu rakaat ketiga dan rakaat keempat.::
*Baca surah Al-Fatihah dan surah Al-Ikhlas sebanyak 11 kali*

I hope something that I share today will give benefits to all of us.
May ALLAH bless us forever and always.

For more info about Ashura Day, you can click here and here.

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Kapten Luffy said...

moga kita terus beramal

♛ LORD ZARA 札拉 ♛ said...

Monkey D Luffy :

betul tu kapitan~

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