February 17, 2010

Are You A Blogger And A Facebook User? Good News For You Fellas!

Good days fellas.
How are you today?
No matter when you read this post, I do hope all of you are in condition.
Enjoy the bright but too hot day.

So, here's my questions.
Are you a blogger?
Are you a Facebook user as well?
If you answer YES to both questions, here's something for you my dear readers.

I built a special tunnel for my readers and visitors.
I guess I don't have time to promote here since I built it.
But, don't worry, here it is. My tunnel of love.
*You may click for more details*

The purpose of this tunnel of love is where you can drop your link as I used it as my data source. Don't worry, I won't use it for bad things. It just a way I give back to everyone who visit me no matter you are my loyal readers or a stranger that bump into it. Just drop your blog URL, and I'll put it in the list. So called link lists as well. Click HERE if you're interested to do so. *Smile*

If and only if you're a Facebook user and want to promote your new entry, I welcome you to my blog fan pages. Yeah, our community is currently grown up and there's about four hundreds people join us in the page community. Personally, I always think that, sharing is not only caring, but sharing is loving too!

[Our fan pages called as Dunia Sebelah Zara]
*You may click to go to that page*

It's open to everyone, and of course, I won't charge you anything for that.
Told all of you before, if you update your entry and looking for any places to promote your link, you can just drop your unique URL entry there. A good place to share anything about blogging right?

Anyway, till here fellas. Happy holiday to those who still enjoy every seconds of their holidays. To those who already start working, have a great day at your workplace. At mean time, if you don't mind, you can vote for me in a contest at here and here. Looked for code number 52 ya?

Thanks everyone for reading.
Hugs and kisses to all of you.

Zara : Going to start working next Monday (22nd February 2010)

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