December 30, 2009

CONTEST : SCRIBBLE'S SONG! - That's How I Cheer My Life.

The contest begin.
Personally I love this blog simply because I adore her writing and the blog theme as well.
So, let the mumbling thing left behind.
It's time to write what the owner already request.

1 . I already had this banner.

2. The best song will be Soba Ni Iru Ne by Thelma Aoyama ft Soulja.

3. I love this song very much besides Koko Ni Iru Yo.
Well, in my humble opinion, I believe that the song suits this blog because it's like a mirror. Reflect what a girl actually want to tell and confess to her lover.

You can find the lyrics HERE.

4. Scribbleswithstyle is best because it make me feel like I'm home every time I view the page. It reflected my alter ego that like pink but wasn't unleashed to the public. 

That's all.
I do hope I can win.

1 사랑해 Kisses From You:

Ms.Independant said...

Hye Zara!

Sungguh terharu frh bace slogan tuh!!!
It's my 1st time dengar tis song taw zara!

Thanks so much for joining!
All da best dear zara!


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