September 9, 2009

Sometimes Love Is Not Enough...

Well, in relationship, there will be something you need to pay each time you said that you actually belong to that person. It did sound embarrassing a bit when I do think I want to write about it, but just f**k off, I need to become so moderate sometimes.

This is currently my wallpaper for my Nokia 5130 XpressMusic.
It's my new phone and I do just love to express myself with it. I mean, the music that lingered in my life, that bring me up until now, I just put it in that red phone.

I don't know what I need to face now.
But I know, how much the pain that I need to pay, I do have to face it. Sometimes I did talked with my buddy about our legacy, and I figured out something that keep me alive.

Yeah, strength. I'm strong.

I have been pushed to my limits plenty of times before, but I can control myself. No matter how much I've been knocked down, I always get up. Everyone looks past I strong-willed sense of compassion and they tend to be shown up. I will not take anyone's business and I plan to keep it that way. Once I let my guard down, sometimes I lost myself.

Zara : Sometimes I do think that violent is a correct word for me.

3 사랑해 Kisses From You:

lucas said...

that's the spirit, zara!

and i like your wallpaper :)

arnamee said...

keep on istiqamah..;p

HEMY said...

" I will not take anyone's business " - r u trying to say mind anyone's business..?

ok..if love is not enough..what do you want more??sex?ahahahha

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