August 13, 2009

New Contest Is Available Until 18th August 2009!

Good news for my followers or readers!
The new contest in my first language blog is now available until 18th August 2009!
All of you are invited to join it!
It's been written in my first language.
Come and join the contest.

You may click HERE for more details!

Zara : My convocation will be on 17th August 2009. I'll be in UTM from 14th until 17th August 2009. If you want to meet me, just inform me!
Take care fellas! Hugs!

4 사랑해 Kisses From You:

joegrimjow said...

im in

HEMY said...

UTM johor ke ni?jauh sangatttt

PapaDarwisy said...

err..kontes ni dapat hadiah apa..hehe..salam kenal..

KiMiE said...

hehe..salam kenal..ada kontes?

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